Mining Crypto at Home – Even Dogecoin!

Mining Crypto at home is possible and it’s a lot easier than you think. The first quarter of 2021 saw the Doge Army invade the Internet and Bitcoin hit all-time highs of over $65K per coin. As the second quarter kicks of and we enter Alt Coin Season; the much anticipated Coinbase offering promises to heat things up even more.

Anybody who plays the market is familiar with mining companies and Stonks like SOS Limited ($SOS), Marathon Digital Holdings ($MARA) and Riot Blockchain, Inc. ($RIOT). You may have though that you need a giant Rig Farm and a special relationship with the power company in order to mine your own cryptocurrency, but that is not correct. You can mine your own Crypto or Tokens – even Dogecoin at home.

What do I Need? How Expensive is it? Can I Mine Crypto at Home Today?

You don’t need an ASIC or special Gaming Rig and you don’t need to order a new GPU or CPU at 2X the cost. All you need is an old laptop, an internet connection and some FREE software. You can get started mining in a few minutes using the UnMineable software. Click here for our referral link. I use UnMineable on an old Dell Inspiron with a janky screen and a nearly unusable keyboard resulting from terrible battery bloat. My rate is nominal at 102.57H, but it’s free and this laptop would just be sitting – or in the landfill if i wasn’t using it to Mine my own Crypto at home.

How does it Work? What’s the Catch?

You select the Coin or Token that you want to mine, add your coin’s Wallet address and click the Start-Button. There is an option to select high-intensity or low-intensity. Keep in mind, that high-intensity uses all of your PCU’s processing power.

Am I Really Mining? Is it Dogecoin Only? How Much Can I Make?

Yes, you are really Mining Crypto at Home! UnMineable uses your PC’s CPU to do PoW. Proof-of-Work, or PoW, is the OG consensus Algo on Blockchain networks, used to confirm transactions and produce new blocks to the chain. You are rewarded in coin for your work by UnMineable. In addition to Dogecoin ($DOGE), you can mine AAVE, BTT, ICX, UNI, ADA, MANA, XLM or the mighty Bitcoin (BTC). UnMineable takes 1% as a fee.

As far as profitability goes, I am already HODLing some Dogecoin that I bought so I love the idea of getting more each day without having to spend any money. My only real expense if the nominal amount of energy used by the laptop. In order to offset that cost, I may move it to my shed which has a small solar setup, but this is fine for now. The amount of DOGE that is mined each day is also nominal. Over the last week or so, I have mined just about 1.5 Doge.

At the current price of just over $.06 USD; I haven’t worked this hard for $.10 since I delivered newspapers as a kid, but I love my Dogecoin and when it moons, I’ll have that much more and be that much happier. Don’t forget to Please use our referral code ( if you decide to try unMineable.

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BrandonCoin does a great job of going into much deeper detail on using and working with UnMIneable.

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